World Gambler Demography


Universally casino games and wagering are becoming popular day by day. With innovative modern technology, casino games have sea changed the gambling sector. Today casino games are at the fingertips of players. They need not travel to traditional brick-and-mortar casinos. Unfortunately, in some countries, gambling in any form is forbidden, thus affecting the operation and impending growth of casino operators in those regions. Interestingly new markets are opening up as many countries are formulating or amending existing gambling laws. New casinos are opening up along the existing ones such as สล็อตออนไลน์which was unimaginable even a few decades ago. 

Gambling Laws

There are many countries with well-defined gambling legislatures protecting both the players and service providers. Germany has restricted law regarding online gambling making it one of the greatest markets in Europe and globally. Germany is one of the strongest world economies with 83 million euros worth. There are about 139,000 online wagers who indulge in various online casino games. Around 5.7 billion euros is spent on online casinos in Germany. Canada is another promising gambling market with eighty –three million populations. There are around 18,600 registered players enjoying varied casino games in digital betting houses. The country has huge potential for further growth as only 5% of the population indulges in internet wagering.


British citizens are ardent about gambling, inclusive of a digital one. Out of sixty-seven million populations, around 49,600 people participate in gambling activities, which comes to around 11% of the total population of the UK. With such a strong passion, it is not surprising many Brits play online casino games. The well-defined gambling laws, both traditional and digital, have created a favorable condition for responsible and safe gambling. The Gross Gambling Yield in the UK has constantly been rising since April 2010.


Netherland is one of the few countries with well-laid gambling laws, so the citizens can enjoy wagering in a safe, regulated environment. With a population of seventeen million people, 50,000 citizens participate in gambling pastimes, making it a country with an immense passion for wagering. Sweden is one of the top countries with online casinos. Out of ten million populations, around 38,000 Swedes enjoy wagering in different forms. The increasing number of participants due to the flourishing of online casinos and the market expect the growth to sustain in the near future. The USA has a mixed gambling policy. Some states, such as New Jersey, Colorado, permit online betting while other states bar it. There are about44 000 Americans who participate in gambling out of 330 million American citizens.

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