Dominoqq99- A Bane Or A Boon


Dominoqq99 is remarkably like live poker. However, it comes with some differences as well. But first let me tell you what it is. It is just like the traditional card game of poker which is played on an online platform.

What do you need to play dominoqq99?

Now, if we talk about how to play it, it might look like a complex process. But it is nothing. Steps usually involved are:

  1. You need an android phone or a laptop.
  2. You must be of a legal age to enter the world of poker.
  3. Then, either install the required software or simply search for it on google.
  4. Make an account over whichever platform you chose.
  5. The last but not the least step requires you to have a credit card or some form of prepaid card.

Even if you are skeptical of depositing money online, you can start with free- play money games to gain experience and gradually, shift to depositing a small amount of money.

Comparison between online and live poker

There obviously are many advantages of playing poker online. Anybody can play it from anywhere in the world along with making the deposition of money easier. There are numerous types of poker games, which might be difficult to find on a single website. The dominoqq99 games play faster than live ones, which is another advantage, especially for those who are genuine gamers. One another benefit is that you get a greater number of hands per hour in the online ones as compared to the live ones. You can start as low as $0.25 online whereas offline, the lowest buy-in is 10 times the biggest blind. There is less pressure in dominoqq99 which makes it less intimidating for beginners. In addition, you can multi-table if you think you would be able to handle it and want to make money faster.

However, the major difference or a downfall that comes for dominoqq99 is it lacks physical tell. It means that there is no scope to see or talk to your opponent except for a chat box. This makes it a little less reliable. As we know, online makes it faster, in return it creates a problem as well. There are health related problems as well. It can be addictive as you can play it at any time of the day without having to present physically.

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