Identification of racket and reporting of Eat-and-run verification


Digital games are fun until they alter one’s life upside down. Fraudulent sites are existent in all sorts of games, however, it is prevalent in high numbers in the gambling industry. Customers must try to find out about the legality of the websites chosen to stake their money. This is why knowledge about 먹튀검증 is crucial. It is a system that works towards the recognition of genuine platforms and provides a list of scammers for users’ safety. Let us look at some points to report digital casino scams.

Can you report a scam?

Most of the fake platforms do not follow rules set under the responsible gambling practices and refuse to deposit winnings amount to the user’s account.

No contact: As soon as you realize that you have been trapped and lost money to a fraudulent website, avoid interaction with their customer care service and help centres.

Gather the brochures and other documents sent by the company to gain your trust.

Reach out to the regulatory body and report the activities with proof. Also, make sure to cross-check the terms and conditions of the suspected digital medium to ensure that you have not deviated from any mentioned rules.

The regulatory bodies review the shared data and accordingly action on the rogue website, in most cases the fake gaming platforms are banned and the founders are subject to legal consequences, which may be in the form of compensation or imprisonment based on the degree of fraud.

Do not get enticed by the latest offers poured into your inbox. Those are usually mailed by members related to the scammer.  Please note that fraudsters do share customers’ contact details with their alliances to make a profit from looting people.


Do not believe everything shared with you; a scheme that states to offer secrets of an insider. Those are well-planned sketches to increase the flow of betting sportsmen to satisfy website creators’ greedy intentions.

Never pay for a stranger, most probably you will end up losing your hard-earned cash.

Gamble only on web addresses that starts with https://, which is a sign of a secured link.


Life is a journey of ups and downs, one upward movement doesn’t mean you are safe, In the same way, a downward hit doesn’t mean you are unlucky. It is better to be careful and adhere to the standard rules set by authorized entities to avoid manipulation, which is why it is good to check if a website is listed in the 먹튀검증 system to prevent misplacement of funds and energy.

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