Casinos are business, not philanthropy.


Myths and misconceptions linger; they diehard. This is more applicable when it comes to the world of gambling. The narrative that engulfs them is mostly forged, with no or little factual evidence. Nevertheless, the mist mystifies the casino world; even the professionals are not spared. Some players think brick and mortar casinos flushes in oxygen in the gambling room to keep gamblers fresh. A location on the floor of the slot machine influences the outcome. Gamblers are seeking a holy grail to beat the casino black and blue. With facts, figure and common sense, most myths can be debunked. Let`s start the journey.

Mist mystifies the casino world.

Casinos are rigged; this the oldest myth associated with a casino, aged as gambling history. However, there may be a grain of truth in the accusation. Yes, both online and land-based casinos have the advantage of house edge and game odd. This is because they are in business and run a business; an entity needs profit, constant cash flow. This seemingly simple yet effective advantage is called house edge and game odd; each play, is it slot, roulette or poker, has different odds. You can easily find the house edge of each casino game; the game of chance has a higher house edge, while games with skill factors lower the house’s edge.

House edge is deemed to be a guaranteed percentage return to the enterprise. On the other hand, it is a surefire loss percentage of a stake placed by a bettor. In the long term, the house edge gives the assurance of profit to the casino operator. As there are many variables in a short time, a gambler can beat the house with luck, skill or a combination of both. You can pussy888 register to know the details of each game house edge.

Installing air conditioning machines on gambling floors is customary and necessary. Bu t do casinos ventilate in oxygen in gambling rooms? The answers is no. Those who make such allegation against casinos are not aware of the cost of medical grade oxygen. Redundant the overhead cost of casinos will increase, and if the casino hall is large, the operator would need a mini oxygen making factory. 

Air is a mixture of gas; 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and the reaming in traces of carbon dioxide, water vapor, argon and other components. Any increase in oxygen level will make the environment inflammable; a small spark can cause a devastating fire. Any fire hazard is most nightmarish to any casino owner. In fact, there is regular supervision at Las Vegas casinos about air quality conducted by professionals appointed by the Gaming Commission. 

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